Friday, October 7, 2011

Typical Texas Friday Night

If you aren't from TX, and I didn't used to be, there are certain givens.
Texas + Fall + Friday = 
 FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (aka.  football)
To say it is BIG down here is an understatement.
We went to the and the girls.  We had our own, typical, Friday night here in TX.  
And while we went to see Daddy play flag football and not high school football, we had a good time anyway.  Nothing stops my girl.  We do all kinds of things.  We are a TYPICAL family, who does TYPICAL things...and if you live here....that includes FOOTBALL games in the fall.

Her hut stance!

 Monkey See, Monkey's gonna take her far in this life.  Like the article said is all perspective.  WE don't see her disabilities or treat her with a disability, so SHE doesn't see it either.  She doesn't believe that there is anything she can't do.
If they can throw a football to each other....then so can she.  If they can roll down the hill giggling...then so can she!  Sisters are such a blessing to her.  Examples.  People who constantly push her to be bigger and to do strive for more.
We have high expectations for her, just like we do for all the other girls.  There are very few times that we treat her different, and that's mostly a size or safety thing.  Otherwise we treat her like we would any of our other girls who were 3 years old.  And she has a lot of responsibility being a big sister too!
Yup....just a typical family on a typical Friday in Texas!


  1. First of all, you are anything but TYPICAL! You are exceptional! And I never think of y'all as different because of Ds... it's because you have FIVE daughters and seem to handle it all with grace and love. =)

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