Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have learned over the last three years of ECI therapies, that LIFE is important.  It is ok to take "vacations" from therapy and miss once in awhile...because sometimes learning and using new skills is best done in a new and different environment.

Learning doesn't just happen at home or in school.
Learning happens wherever you are.
New sounds and speech patterns are sometimes heard while she spends time with her sisters or friends....when she thinks no one is listening to here (or on to her knowledge of new skills:)
I have found that spending time with peers brings out the best in her.  She is a girl to watch and calculate and then tackle.  She can do what she puts her mind too and sometimes a little peer pressure and the fear of getting left behind or left out is enough to motivate her and get her moving and climbing.
 And while everyone else sped off...she very carefully....
 took her time....
 and step by step...
 made her way down....
 in her own time frame...
 What is it they say about the tortoise and the hare?
And what she lacks in speed, she more than makes up for in VICTORY DANCES!  The girl is her own biggest supporter:)
 She works HARD to achieve.
 New environments are good for her....all the way around.
And sometimes, it is the break in our grinding routine, that gives her the MOST opportunities for improvements...and we gotta remember that sometimes.  Appointments and therapies are all wonderful....but it is living life that is the most important.
(And while pushing is not something learned (or encouraged) in certainly is a sign of strength for her to be able to push a big kid around!  Sorry Noah!)

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