Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still sick....

For us, one of the biggest problems with Aubrey is her immunity.  Kids with Down syndrome are more likely to get infections that affect lungs and breathing and they also tend to take longer to get over them as well....Story Of Our Lives!

Heart Surgery: 3 weeks in hospital....came home on oxygen.
2nd Winter:  Got Pnemonia and RSV (followed by various other viruses for weeks), hospital for 8 days, came home on oxygen for almost a month.
3rd Winter:  Got Flu, stayed a week and had the hardest time getting her OFF that oxygen.
Anytime she is is a long road back to health.  So much work to keep her healthy, but so much easier that dealing with her when she is sick and trying to regain health.

She has a fragile immune system and we take that very serious...and sending her to preschool, my main concern was her health and ability to stay healthy.  She missed what was supposed to be her first day of school in September because she had a flu bug and now she has missed a whole week...wondering if her whole year will be like this....and if she will ever have a better immunity to germs.

Since she was running a fever still yesterday we went back to the doctor.  Her ears have ALWAYS been clear.  1 ear infection at 5 months and 1 other time she had some fluid.  That is it.  He said she was starting to get an ear infection, so it called for antibiotics.  Many kids with Ds have lots of ear problems and infections and often require tubes.  We have been lucky there.  We are hoping that is the end of the fever....but the cough and snot are still pretty bad.  Keeping on top of our nebulizer treatments and vitamins and trying to keep her eating and drinking....she's down 2 lbs since her birthday:(

Hoping to kick it this weekend and send her back next week....

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