Monday, June 13, 2011

New Look

I must admit that I usually cut hair....don't like paying $20 for a five minute haircut.  But I also like straight lines!  So I finally bit the bullet and paid to have Aubrey's hair cut by a professional.  She just wouldn't sit very still for me to try and do it myself.

The end result, a very cute bob:
 Shorter and so much easier to take care of.  She seems pretty indifferent, but I gotta say....I miss the piggies already:(
 We are also sporting some new accessories!  She is totally Rocking her RED SPECS!  Keeps them on and everything!
It became apparent when she was in a class of others and being read to, she wasn't seeing the books, so we went to get her prescription.  We think she looks great and they seem to make a difference, but we've only had them three days, so we'll keep you posted.