Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Living life each day...

Yesterday was 3/21...March 31st...World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  It is celebrated on  3/21 each year...3 represents the third copy of the 21st chromosome.  It's a day designed to raise general awareness about Down syndrome and to celebrate the individuals who carry the extra chromosome.

So why am I posting today you ask?  Well, because life got in the way yesterday.  Because yesterday, like most days, Down syndrome is not at the forefront.  It is almost always in the backseat actually.  And while I am always interesting in talking with people and sharing information and advocating for individuals with Down syndrome and sharing our story of Aubrey...I'm so much more interested in just living our lives.

But I also wanted to recognize the fact that 1/47th of Miss Aubrey is unique and special and something that we celebrate. So here is to all those out there will designer genes!

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change."
-Taylor Swift-

"Our children arrived exactly as they were designed.  There was no mistake here.  They are a direct and unmistakable gift from God."--Courtney Heigele

"Down syndrome is a sometimes-frightening but mostly beautiful part of my life just as being female is or being a photographer is or getting older, being a wife, raising kids is. Life isn't always easy. Some things you choose, some things you don’t, but together it stirs together, and you drink it. And if it doesn’t taste quite right, you set to work in your kitchen adding, subtracting, perfecting that recipe until it’s the best damn drink you’ve ever tasted. The perfect cocktail. And Dude, I know how to make a good martini."--Kelle Hampton

(Her favorite place to hang out these days - between the wall and the tv dresser stand)
Yes it really is warm enough for sun dresses this week!

chalking with Ella
So if you have spent any time with me on the phone or at our house in the last year, you have heard me say (at least a hundred times) "Aubrey is NOT a doll!"  followed by "Stop carrying her, dressing her up, putting her in there, all of the above or whatever applies".

The girls thought it was time for Aubrey to take up a sport...they picked Tang So Do.

And they set to work with her training....
And she LIKED it!  So if you stop by and see her in this outfit, you'll know she's just catching up on her training sessions...not being tortured...THIS time!

And Emelia is finally settling in...and sleeping.  She likes something on her face to fall asleep or to snuggle herself into the crook of your arm.
And she is spending more time just looking up at us with these amazing blue eyes!  
But when she's crying...Big Sister Aubrey (who isn't every really far away from her) comes running to the rescue!  Aubrey tries covering her up, rocking the car seat, wiggling the bell toys, until Emmie nods off again.  Aubrey has such a big heart and so much love for this little sister of hers.  I have to remind Aubrey not to squeeze so tight when she's loving on her little sister.

And  can you believe that I was brave enough to take the three littles here?

It was a reward to Ella and they both loved it...thankfully Emmie slept.  Note there is no pictures of the kids actually in the water playing since that required all of me and there was no way to take pictures and hold baby and keep everyone alive!  Maybe next time:)

But I did snap this one of Aubrey and Dad at a birthday party this weekend.  She is loving the pools and I can see I'm going to be busy at the pool this year!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Full Hands...Full Hearts

In case my LACK of posting doesn't say it already....this picture certainly does!
I have my hands full most days!  But my heart is full too!  I love these guys and I know the days of holding and cuddling are numbered...and I'm trying to cherish that and not complain!

Emelia likes to be held...or she cries...and yes I did try and let her just cry one day and she cried for TWO hours...Not worth it.

We are working on it....but it is a slow process.  She gets a lot of bubbles when she eats and so if you don't get all the bubbles out...she doesn't sleep.  She's getting better, but she's a tough cookie to figure out.

And Aubrey....
Well, in so many ways she is still a baby too and she likes to be cuddled and held and carried.  And between the two of them, I got my hands full and that doesn't allow for typing on the blog:)

Aubrey LOVES Emelia and shares kisses all day and wants to hold her a lot...and was kind enough to share her germs too...yup, Emmie has a little snotty nose this morning:(

I have lots of pictures and updates, but I'll leave you with Valentines day for now (since I hear Emelia crying right now)

(Emelia pooped on her outfit before her photo op---so no valentine picture--sorry)