Sunday, March 6, 2011

Full Hands...Full Hearts

In case my LACK of posting doesn't say it already....this picture certainly does!
I have my hands full most days!  But my heart is full too!  I love these guys and I know the days of holding and cuddling are numbered...and I'm trying to cherish that and not complain!

Emelia likes to be held...or she cries...and yes I did try and let her just cry one day and she cried for TWO hours...Not worth it.

We are working on it....but it is a slow process.  She gets a lot of bubbles when she eats and so if you don't get all the bubbles out...she doesn't sleep.  She's getting better, but she's a tough cookie to figure out.

And Aubrey....
Well, in so many ways she is still a baby too and she likes to be cuddled and held and carried.  And between the two of them, I got my hands full and that doesn't allow for typing on the blog:)

Aubrey LOVES Emelia and shares kisses all day and wants to hold her a lot...and was kind enough to share her germs too...yup, Emmie has a little snotty nose this morning:(

I have lots of pictures and updates, but I'll leave you with Valentines day for now (since I hear Emelia crying right now)

(Emelia pooped on her outfit before her photo op---so no valentine picture--sorry)


  1. Oh my goodness that first picture is PRICELESS! I'm glad your heart is full of love! You're right.. they grow up super-fast, so get all those baby cuddles in now!!

  2. Looks perfectly delightful!

  3. Noah wanted to "see Aubrey" this morning, and we were delighted to see a new post! Super cute! Now we need to go "see Aubrey walk" in her never gets old! : )


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