Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Week

Our burrito is making life busy and now that our help is gone...I'm sure it will be even busier.

This is a rare shot of her actually sleeping in her crib...she much prefers to be held while she sleeps...a cuddler:) makes nights hard and we are both running on fumes these days.
 Ella is always making sure that Emelia has something close at hand to play with...dolls  and transformers!
We should have known that this one would be a challenge for us...since she does this all the time!
Aubrey is never far from Emelia and is constantly looking for her and wanting to hold her and hug her and kiss her!  I'm so glad for her instant love of Emelia.  She is always right there to help...and personal bubble and space is NOT part of her vocabulary:)
That being said...she is a little more needy these days too and today got some much needed extra snuggle time.  I'm trying to find every chance I can to snuggle.  Lucky for me, she is willing to share my arms with Emelia at the same time.  

The LOVE is overflowing at our house right now...and I love it...and I love that the sisterhood has expanded by one!

Emelia was baptized in the hospital the day after she was born...just like all her sisters.  We do it, because you just never know what might happen and we want to be sure that our babies are children of God right away.  It gives us peace of mind.  
This morning in church, we had her affirmation of baptism in front of our church family.  We remembered her baptism and shared it gave us a chance to introduce her to her church family too.  We are so glad that my mom was still here to share in the day as well.
Can I tell you about the dress?  I had the first grandchild on both my mom made two baptismal for a boy and one for a girl.  Each of my girls has worn this beautiful dress (as well as my two nieces) and in the hem of the dress are the initials of each grand-daughter and her baptismal date.  It is such a special family tradition and I can't wait for my own grandchildren to get to wear the outfits as well.  The blanket was made for Emelia by a lady that works with Woody.  It was a very special day.

And guess who likes birthday cake and frosting!
We had a little birthday celebration this weekend for me (birthday is Tuesday).  And Aubrey discovered a deep love for frosting and cake.

And finally...Aubrey's new look...
Yup...anytime she sees the camera...we get this face.  It's her "CHEESE" face.  We are hard pressed to get a nice picture of her these days, where she isn't doing this face!  She is such a funny bug and we love her so much!

Happy Sunday everyone...have a LOVELY week!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Update on the Family

So I thought that it was time to finally get back to the blog with an update on how we are doing...
as a family of 7!

We are all enjoying the time with our new precious girl.

And while a boy might have been wonderful in it's own way...our family was meant for one more girl and Emelia is just the perfect fit:)  Ella was a little disappointed at first, but once she met her newest little sister, she declared, "I want to keep her!"

I think they are all equally in love with her and they fight over holding her.

(Alice and Kate had colds...thus the masks:)

Aubrey is always looking for "baby".  It is the first thing she signs in the morning and she keeps pretty good tabs on where Emelia is all day and there is no such thing as too close...Aubrey likes to be right there with her all the time:)

And then we got to back her up and bring her the middle of a TX ice storm!  Worst weather we've seen in the last 15 years!  The big girls missed 4 days last week and 1 already this week!

So now we are home, getting used to being 7 and having one more mouth to feed and one more person to keep up with:)

We are thankful to Brenna for leaving her 4 kids at home in MN to come take care of our 4 kids while Emelia was born.

And we are thankful to have had the grandmas here to play and help out now that we are home.