Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Friday, April 22, 2011

What we've been up too....

I am long over due for some updates, but there is so much going on here, that I'm just trying to keep up sometimes...but I promise to try and get some coming soon.  Until then, and because I keep getting bugged by the family, her are at least some pictures of what we're up too.

The weather has been beautiful here and we've been spending as much time as we can outside.  The girls love playing on the porch and watching the neighborhood goings on!  Future neighborhood gossip girls!
My kids don't lack imagination and pretend play!  They set this all up and asked me to take a "family picture"!  They are so funny.  It's actually a pretty good shot off all the girls.
Daddy celebrated a birthday.  Aubrey and Ella learned "Happy Birthday" in sign language.  I have it on video, but can't get it to upload right now.
 I figured out how to get Aubrey and Emelia to nap at least a little while at the same time each afternoon (and in the same room to boot!) and so Ella and I have been doing some baking and crafting.
This day we were making blueberry pie.
Aubrey has decided that "bedtime" should really be considered a second naptime, that is also followed by snacktime!  She goes down about 7 and gets back up between 8 and 9...and then thinks she needs a snack...Dad gives in and then tucks her back in.  Ella thought this sounded pretty sweet and wanted in on the deal too!  We are working on BREAKING this habit and have found some success this week.
 Emelia is growing by leaps and bounds and at 3 months, 10 lbs and 10oz, she is officially more than half of her older sisters weight.  I'm guessing she will pass Aubrey by sooner than we thought.
She's cooing and trying to say quite a bit.  Sleeping better too....though 3pm - 11pm is not the 8 hour stretch that I am looking for!  But last night she did sleep 10pm - 7:30am!  No real patterns and sometimes she's up all we plug along:)
 Ella's perch from the upstairs balcony...want to know what she was watching...
The painter!  He was here two days last week painting the high walls for us in the living room and kitchen eat in area.  It's a really pretty sage green.

And baby girl got her first set of FRENCH BRAIDS!!!
 Her hair is so thin and was getting long, so I've been meaning to cut it, but after this, I might reconcider.
Not my best or straightest work...but she was so still for the first one...and they stayed in all day...she even figured out how to flip the ends so that she could twirl them while sucking her thumb!

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fashion vs. Function

Sometimes (or maybe a lot this summer)...fashionable footwear will take precedence over the functional shoes that must be worn with socks and orthotics.'ll be seein' a lot of these frogs this summer...cause that's what everyone else will be wearing around here, so why not Aubrey.

I thought she would dislike the part between her toes (like all kids do at first), but she didn't mind one bit and actually took to them like she'd been wearing them all year.  And yes with 85 degree weather this weekend, it was plenty warm to be wearing sun dresses and flip flops!  We love Texas in April...but come'll only find us in the pool!