Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life is SWEET!

So I have finally accepted the fact that even though my girl is still so small, she really is two and she is wickedly smart!  She has come to understand that ALL doctor appointments have suckers at the end.  She also believes that since most of these appointments are HER appointments, she should get the rewards too.  So I have finally given in and let her taste these sweet treats:)
She is very careful and takes her time...maybe fear that I will take it away if she doesn't behave:)
I love this sticky mess so much!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Keeping Busy

What's been keeping us busy...besides our unexpected, surprise visit from friends!

After months of trying to convince her buddy Noah to come visit...
And him playing hard to get:)

Noah and his mommy (Brenna) came for a surprise last minute visit and we had so much fun and we can't wait to see them again.

Big thanks to Mark for holding down the Minnesota fort with the 3 big girls so that we could enjoy some time with Noah and Brenna.

We're already planning our next visit with them....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hearing Aids

I would like to do a longer post or a couple on Aubrey's history of hearing tests/ENT visits and the process of getting her hearing aids, since we seem to be the only ones we know right now with Ds and hearing issues.

Aubrey got her aids on Wednesday morning and she was such a trooper for an early morning appointment.  She easily let us put them in and left them alone.  In case you forgot, we picked pink and the insides are clear with purple sparkles:)  The thought was that if she pulls them out, they would be easier to find than the tan or brown that would have matched skin/hair and blended a bit more.
They came with a strap that attaches to each aid and then to her shirt, so that if/when she pulls them out, they shouldn't get lost.  You would think that the straps would come in twenty different colors and styles too, but NOOOOO, you just get this bright orange!
We had a lot of problems with feedback or ringing since she got them.  Annoying only to those around her, but she didn't seem to mind at all:)  We went back today and they reset the aids to be less sensitive and that seemed to help.  I even left the strap off this afternoon after the adjustment and she was fine.  I am in sheer awe that she is leaving them alone, but maybe they are making a difference for her.  

They are set at half strength right now, and when we go back in three weeks, they will adjust them to her full need.  We haven't notice any drastic changes yet, for those wondering, but we are eager to see what comes in the next few weeks.   

We have an Auditory Impairment teacher who is coming once a week to help with speech and the hearing aids.  She even came to the appointment to get the aids with me to offer support and answer questions or ask them when I couldn't think of anything.  She is AWESOME and we feel so blessed to have another wonderful person join our team of teachers.

More to come...

*Edited--I just wanted to clarify:  We know that hearing problems are common with Ds, but we don't personally know anyone who has them already to glean information from in the same way that we know kids that have had heart surgery, feeding issues, orthotics, that we could learn from personally.  We are relying a lot on our teachers right now for all the tricks of keeping them on and using them.  That being said, parents usually have the best ideas and not always the teachers who don't spend 24/7/365 with these new accessories:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Second Birthday!

My baby turned 2 today and I just can't believe that she has been here that long...
You were so little then...just 4lbs 13oz and 17inches long...and we loved you so!
(especially that natural mohawk you sported for so long:)

And then you were one and we couldn't believe that either!
Always our little sparkler full of life and love and excitement and we never knew what exciting thing you would do next!

And now you are TWO!  You are officially a big girl now!  And big girls get so sit in big chairs with big sisters and watch big girl movies instead of taking afternoon naps!

And you even posed like a big girl in this picture!

You are all of 18lbs 7oz and 29inches long.  Still a peanut next to your friends, but you have come so far Miss Aubrey and we are proud of you.  

Happy Birthday Aubrey Elizabeth Smith!

This was just your DAY celebration.  Don't worry, the cake and ice cream and presents are coming next weekend when we celebrate with Ella Grace who will be 4!  (Though I think you were pretty satisfied with your banana/chocolate chip muffin:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Own American Girl Doll

I guess that when you are born and are the same size as your sisters American Girl dolls...
You have a kinship with those dolls that used to be just your size...

And when those sisters are finally off to school ALL DAY LONG...
You should be able to join those said dolls at THEIR table...
And set up your own little picnic:)
Aubrey was 17" long when she was born...just 1" shy of the American doll height.  So wish I had photographed her with one of the dolls 2 years ago.  I looked at the dolls now and it is hard to remember that she was soooooooooo very little.  Having lots of quiet tea parties now that school is in session and it is quieter around here:)