Monday, January 9, 2012

Still here:)

It has been awhile....but we are still here!  Life is busy and there are so many days when I wish that the posts that I write in my head while sitting at stop lights or feeding baby or folding laundry could actually appear here for you!

We have been busy every weekend (and week for that matter) since Thanksgiving!  We have had lots of company and usually holiday business.

And because we had relaxed a bit and thought that we were doing so well with Aubrey's health....she decided to throw in RSV and Pneumonia right before Christmas!  I don't think there is ever a GOOD time to have sick kids, but I'm certain that the week before Christmas is the WORST time.  We then spent a week visiting family and friends....home for 4 days, then off to NJ this past weekend for more family and a memorial service for GG Johnson.  I'm home for 4 days then off to MN again!  Just cause the holidays are over doesn't mean we aren't still busy around here:)  I'm just glad that this trip is just me and Emmie and that I don't have to pack up for 7 anymore!

(if you are waiting for your Christmas card still.....this would explain why and I'll let you know that I'm working on them this week:)

I'm so behind on reading blogs and emails and phone calls and I resolved today that I will never catch up and so there is just a need to move on and stop thinking that I can catch up on blog posts and reading and what not.  Hopefully this will give me a clean slate to start just posting again:)  We got a lot happening around here and I want to share....

Potty Training and Thumb Sucking......coming soon!