Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Own American Girl Doll

I guess that when you are born and are the same size as your sisters American Girl dolls...
You have a kinship with those dolls that used to be just your size...

And when those sisters are finally off to school ALL DAY LONG...
You should be able to join those said dolls at THEIR table...
And set up your own little picnic:)
Aubrey was 17" long when she was born...just 1" shy of the American doll height.  So wish I had photographed her with one of the dolls 2 years ago.  I looked at the dolls now and it is hard to remember that she was soooooooooo very little.  Having lots of quiet tea parties now that school is in session and it is quieter around here:)


  1. Oh, that is so cute! She IS a little doll, isn't she! =)

  2. Oh Aubrey, look at all of the toys you get (almost) to yourself with your sisters back at school! Such fun. You look like you fit just right in that little chair!

  3. Enjoy those quiet tea parties. She sure looks adorable setting that little table.

  4. that is so cute! maggie rae is missing her 2 big sisters now that school has started, not as many people to jump up and hand her everything! so i am hoping it will force her to crawl!


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