Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Accessories...aka...Hearing Aids

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that my hearing test went great yesterday.  I cooperated just like Mommy asked and even left the test probes in my ears!  My left ears is pretty good, but it has been helping my right ear, so that ear tested worse yesterday.  I can still hear pretty good, but they think that I should have some new "accessories".  I get my new "accessories" in three weeks.  

We got to pick what color I wanted.  The lady suggested brown to match my hair or cream to match my skin.  We are getting PINK!  That way when I pull them out and drop them on the tan floor or carpet, Mommy can find them better.  And she thought that the brown would blend in with the dirt outside too much.  The part that goes into my ear is clear with PURPLE SPARKLES!

They are gonna look great and I will keep them on...I PROMISE!  Cause Mommy said they are EXPENSIVE and I better do what I am told or else:)  

And I am going to hear all kinds of new sounds, and then my Mom is going to hear me start saying some real words.  Maybe she will make a video for you guys!

What a long day...gonna go to bed now...



  1. OH MY HEART! Good job, Aubrey!♥

  2. I am sure that those accessories will look FABULOUS, and pink is such a great choice!! I cannot wait for that video of you saying lots of new words=)

  3. We may be there with you in another month or so! I'm glad that you can go first so we can learn from you. You guys always have such great tips!!! Hope they do wonders! :)

  4. Sweet Aubrey -- I bet your new accessories are going to look fabulous! I am praying that they are just what you need to help you hear better!

  5. Love love love that picture. Awesome.

  6. Pink always makes an accessory fabulous. Can't wait to hear all those words.


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