Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy, Busy Around Here

So the busy summer has been less than lazy and it has been raining cats and dogs over at the Umbrella Girl, on top of being totally exhausted from this new life I'm the blog has suffered a big:)

Aubrey is ALWAYS on the go these days and getting into sooooo much trouble!  We have been working on the standing so much and also the climbing onto and off of a step, so that has given her new ideas and now she thinks that she should be able to sit on top of the coffee table provided someone puts something near it that gives her a little boost.
She is growing in so many ways...Her weight is back to 18lbs 7oz, so there is hope for a Christmas Carseat Turnaround.  But I did tell her that she would have to give up the baby carrier carseat for the new baby whether she makes 20 by then or not!

She has another hearing test coming up next week and if it isn't improved they will likely fit her for hearing aids.  There is a 30 day trial period, so if she won't keep them on or we don't see improvement, they would discontinue the use.  Hard for us to say how it will go...but we are also starting up with and Auditory Therapist next week and we hope that she will help ease the transition.
(this is in-laws dog, that she absolutely loved and couldn't stay away from while we were up there:)
While watching BOLT today, Aubrey did the sign for Cat (never done before despite my best efforts) and then she was panting like a dog, which is the sign along with the "ha" sound.  She has never done the pant before, but did today and did the "h" sound too!  She has never made any of the soft sounds of the alphabet, so I was thrilled...(and thinking "what do these hearing people know anyway?  She is just taking her time, but hearing the sounds!!!!)

She spends lots of time during the day trying to stand up from her "bear stance" and I finally got it on video and during therapy this week...our baby took her first set of real steps!  Above is a video of her milestones this week.  Keep in mind that my videographer during this therapy is just 8, but I was so glad to have her capture some of it for Daddy...and the rest of our family...and blog family:)  She is taking about 6 on her own when she goes from a sit (like on my knee or the stool or a step).  But she has also learned to say NO by shaking her head and if she doesn't want to practice right then, then she isn't!

One more week of summer vacation and then the big girls are back to school and the house should settle down just a bit...I hope:)


  1. Yahoo, Aubrey girl! What a star you are! And Noah will be very pleased to hear about the bulking up. Way to go! We're so proud of you!!!

  2. Yay Aubrey!! Such a cute video! Thanks for sharing!


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