Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We believe that it is important to teach our children responsibility and team work.  All of our children do chores....even Aubrey.  She doesn't do them as consistantly as the other kids do...but I try to find moments each day for her to do something.

Chores that Aubrey can do:  
1. Put silverware away from a clean dishwasher.  (good sorting activity).
2. Put books and toys away.
3. Help put clothes into the washing machine and transfer to dryer.
4. Put away kid dishes.  (we have plastic drawers that we keep in the pantry with the kid plates, bowls and cups)
5. Fill diaper basket with more diapers.
6. Help put laundry into dresser drawers.
7. "Fold" burp clothes or kitchen towels.
8. Vacuum with sweeper attachment.  ( I know it isn't attached here, but she really can do it:)

The fact that she does them....and cheerfully....is what matters most.  It does not matter that these skills are not perfect or that they take a bit longer to do.  They will get there though with practice...just like all her other skills.

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