Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Another great year of trick or treating.  Just a couple of us from tonight.  Unfortunately the day got away from me and my costume just didn't get put together, so I'll have to get started just a little bit earlier next year, but I still had a great evening watching the girls and being with friends.
 Here is our Peacock, Rapunzel, and the Harry Potter Crew of Hagrid, Hedwig the Owl, Hermionie and Ginny Weasly


  1. LOVE it all! Can't stop giggling about Hagrid. Cutest peacock and owl ever! The frying pan is the perfect touch to Ella's costume, and the big girls did a great job on their scarves. Another successful Smith Halloween! Nice work, Mama!

  2. What were you going to be?? LOVE the HP costumes, of course. =)


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