Monday, October 3, 2011

School at Three

My girl goes to school.  I'm still getting used to that phrase.  But for is her new norm and she loves it!
Parent Pancake Party at Pearson
 None of my kids really went to school before they were 5.  They just weren't ready for the structured schedule of get up and get going and what not and to be honest, I really enjoyed that time with them.  It is why I am a stay at home mom.  And while I don't know that Aubrey loves getting up early and rushing with breakfast and stuff, I KNOW she loves school.

Aubrey, well, because of her Down syndrome, she is on a different path than my other kiddos.  She is going to preschool at just three years old.  And that has made her "different".
Aubrey's turn to stir.
 In so many ways, she is just like everyone else in her family and all her friends.  She is three and she has temper tantrums and she does chores and she loves life.  But here is where her Ds makes her different.  Her differences aren't something we usually focus on or call out.  And if she didn't need the extra help, she'd be sleeping in and spending her days with me.  Her Down syndrome makes her different.  It means she going to school now.

I still panic sometimes when I look in my rear view mirror and see an empty car seat.  I panic in store when I get that feeling like I don't have enough kids to keep track of.  Cause she isn't there with me all the time anymore....
Aubrey waiting with her classmates in line to have a turn at making pancakes.
Yup, she's the peanut of the class!
 But in so many ways, school has provided a great relief to us too.  From the time that she was born, or rather her heart was fixed, I have felt like every moment of every day has to be learning and pushing.  We were the teachers and it was all on us to help her do the work and help get her there.  Now, I can drop her off at school, know that she is getting a solid 4 hours of intense learning.  I can enjoy our moments and afternoons a little more, because I can relax...the learning for the day is done or at least most of it and not every moment of our day needs to be about teaching her can just simply be about love and laughter and enjoyment of life.  I don't worry so much about whether I am doing enough now.
Making pancakes.
 Our ECI team was well loved and we miss them dearly.  But this school thing is a different sort of team and while I have had to give up the some of the control in her day to day learning, it is what is best for her.  And I trust them with my girl and to tell me as much about her days and learning as they can.
Adding butter and syrup to our pancakes.
In so many ways, she is just like everyone else.

But in some ways she is different.....and that's ok!

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