Friday, October 28, 2011

Schools: Part One - Why We Moved

Before Aubrey was born, we moved from the "Newberry" the "Tyler" house.  It was the right move for our family.  We loved our city, so we stayed, but our growing family needed a bigger house.  So we moved a couple miles north, to a much bigger house, with a much bigger yard.  I loved that house....  But when we found out that Aubrey had Down syndrome,  we both knew that we wouldn't be staying in the "Tyler" house.

We have friends that had used the special education in our city....and it wasn't the best.  Neighboring city....had the best around.  Every parent wants the best for ALL their children.  Since our other girls go to our church school, they wouldn't be affected by a move.  But moving, might make all the difference to Aubrey.  So wanting the best for our girl, we decided we would move for sure before Kindergarten, but probably before she turned three.

Fast forward....Aubrey is almost two and I have officially quit my job to stay home and manage the house and schedules and the Lord blesses us with the news that another one is on the way!  I knew we would never be able to keep a clean house with a new baby in the house.  So we put the house up last fall, in the hopes of moving before Baby arrived in January.  We moved right before Thanksgiving.

Here is where our story gets a little complicated.  We were blessed with a great ECI team in our old city, and they all agreed they would keep Aubrey since they had had her since birth and it wouldn't be too long before she turned three.  So we have ECI from City A.We now live in City B, but are zoned for schools in City C
( our desired school district), and because Aubrey has a hearing impairment, she was eligable to go to the Reginal Day School for the Deaf in City D.  It couldn't get any more complicated and city to city is so different and they don't work with each other much.
Our ECI Auditory Impairment Teacher - who happens to now work at Aubrey's school:)
In then end, we are still so glad that we moved here.  We LOVE our new house and neighborhood and the school thing....has all worked out.
Our ECI Speech Therapist

(coming up, ARDs and IEPs and where she goes to school)

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