Monday, October 10, 2011

Anything is possible....

I think one of the hardest parts about hearing that your child has Down syndrome is all the thoughts about what she WON"T be able to do.  Driving, marriage, children....the list is long.  But nothing is impossible....all those things are possible and even becoming HOMECOMING QUEEN.  And I don't doubt that Aubrey will be able to do all these things and more if she puts her mind to it!
Future Homecoming Queen and King!
Mariah Slick, an Azle High School senior, who happens to have Ds, won homecoming queen last week.  I thought you might enjoy seeing possibility tonight!  (Click on her name to see the short article and video)

*Out of curiosity, I googled: TX homecoming queens with Down syndrome.  I counted at least 6 this fall alone!

Anything is possible...for anyone.

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  1. Oh my sweet king with the pink hat. Daddy would be so proud! : )


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