Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Day

It was a good day today....make that a great week for Aubrey at school.  We had another ARD meeting this afternoon for her and that went great too!  And I would love to write more about that....but it will have to wait...because it is soooo late.....and the RANGERS are trying to WIN the World Series right now:)


  1. SO happy to hear Aubrey is doing well! Yipee! (And love the bea-utiful pic! Makes me miss summer.....and the Smiths!) Sorry about the Rangers last night...Mark and I stayed up (it WAS late, and an exciting game!), but hopefully tonight is their night! Go Rangers! : )

  2. Showed this pic to Noah and he said, "She's in our chair!" : ) We like Aubrey in our chair!


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