Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sneak Peak

It's October 16th and I'm almost DONE with this years Halloween costumes (I'm usually working on them still on the 31st)  In years past we have done group things like:
Peter Pan and the Tinkerbell Fairies

And the Incredibles
This year, we are doing our own thing.  Alice and Kate and Ella are even doing some helping with their costumes this year.  So here is a sneak peak of a few costumes we got going on:

Aubrey isn't feeling good this weekend and will be skipping school tomorrow for a trip to the doctor.  I'm having fall flash backs and getting back into medical mode with her.  We are hoping it is nothing....but you just never know with this girl.  Her costume is almost done, but she was in no place to participate in a photo shoot and you wouldn't have to see what she's got going on.

Ella's is done, but she is busy and we are having to come up with a way to "attach" part of her costume that is really stumping me, so no photos there.

Woody and I are on track for our usual "finish up the costume ON Halloween", but at least we got our ideas and should be all set to go....maybe this week:)


  1. I can't wait to see your final products- you guys are always so cute!!! Sorry to hear about Aubrey; I'll be praying that she'll get over whatever-it-is quickly. Poor little mite...

  2. how fun!!! this tear i will be making my first halloween costumes for time.


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