Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Germs:(

So...Aubrey woke up this morning with a fever and a very snotty nose. (I did take a picture, but will spare the world of the giant snot:) It was a good thing we had an appointment, because I would have had to call and try to make one this morning if we hadn't.

So the good new is that her lungs sounded better today than last week, so we will wait on a chest x-ray. But her cultures from last week show a bacterial infection, so she is fighting something new now which is probably why she has stalled a bit on getting rid of the oxygen and really bouncing back. They did a repeat flu and rsv test, both were negative, and then did some other "snot swab" tests and we will see if those reveal anything new.

So he put her on antibiotics and upped her nebulizer treatments to 5x a day again. If her fever is not gone by Friday, we are to call the office and they will consider another x-ray and possibly a bronchyoscope, a camera procedure. My understanding is that most of the time the germs in your nose are the same as those in your lungs...but not always. Since all of her nose cultures have come back negative, they would need to take a look at her lungs to see what is going on there that they can't figure out.

Woody basically sanitized her entire room right down to cleaning the carpet and wiping down the bars on her crib and dresser. A slight cough for us is such a new germ for her, that it just takes over in her. So we just have to try and keep all possible germs away until she can get on top of this thing. I am hoping that things will be better once the big girls go back to school next week and she can just kick this thing. Keeping Ella's grubby hands off Aubrey is much easier than keeping three sets of hands off of her! We are really gonna buckle down this week though and get her over it, I hope. I would rather her live in a bubble (her clean room) for a weekend, than drag this out any longer.

We will keep you posted.


  1. We will be think of you in your bubble, Aubrey! We'll feel much safer when we can get home to OUR bubbles, too! Hope those snot goblins decide to leave you alone, soon! xoxoxo (Tell your mom these hugs and kisses are 100% germie-free.)

  2. Oh Rachel! *hugs* I hope that Aubrey is on the mend since you posted and that tonight brings celebration, joy and peace for tomorrow morning!!!

    Happy New Year!!!♥


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