Friday, December 11, 2009

Hospital-day 4

It has been a very busy day. I am finding the hospital internet very slow and frustrating (won't let me download pictures:( Aubrey has been sleeping very little, so time is limited for updates. This is actually the third time I have tried to update, so forgive the length.

Last night, you will recall we had her at .2 liters of oxygen. We did take her off it for a bit, but she couldn't stay above 90 and they felt that she needed to be on it. Over night, she actually went up on her intake to .7 liters. They didn't suction her nose all night, likely leading to the problem. Her iv came out last night. They were only keeping a low fluid on it, so keep it "alive" in case they needed it and to administer meds, so now her meds are all oral (not fun for me:( And if they need an iv again, they will have to stick her again.

Today, we had to keep her there and wondered what was going on. Very reminiscent of our time in the hospital last January, where her lungs took us up and down daily and we never knew what we would be doing. Her pulminologist (now Rembecki, because he is on call this weekend, but a partner of Walter) came around lunch and we had a lengthy conversation about her hospital/lung history and in the end came up with a new plan.

They are going to change her respiratory therapy. They are going to do two different nebulizer treatments, alternating every two hours for 3 treatments and then every three hours. She is also getting 2 different nose sprays.

They did and ekg and an echo that they sent over to Aubrey's cardiologist to compare with the ones that were just done in October. They want to rule out any heart involvement. They also sent some lung "goop" and nose "goop" to the lab for a look under the microscope. In the morning they will repeat some blood work and redo the RSV and flu tests.

He also ordered acidophiles to be put into her food twice a day to help her fight any infection she might have and then ordered diaper cream to be used. If any test comes back where they put her on antibiotics, she will likely get diarhea and he wanted to start protecting her tush now! (can you tell he has 5 kids--always thinking ahead)

I get the feeling that they are really puzzled that she isn't running a fever. Anyway, all the testing and changes today, made for very short naps or no naps and she spent so much time screaming and crying (those of you who know her wouldn't have known she could do that:) that she just passed out from exhaustion at 9pm. I am hoping that she will sleep through most everything tonight, since she has been, but she is not too happy with anyone coming near her and I have a feeling that if they wake her up, she will have a fit.

We are hanging in there, but are planning on being here for awhile. She is on 2 liters of oxygen right now. We aren't even thinking of weaning, just wanting to find answers for what is going on. Dr. Rembecki has theories, and is hoping to confirm them.

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  1. I'm so sorry y'all are having to go through this. I can't imagine having Gray in the hospital at this age. Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

    Rembecki is Gray's pulmonolgist and the doctor that spotted the cyst. We love him. :)


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