Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Helpful Suggestions

I am looking for helpful suggestions out there to help make our stay better. I am looking for things to do with her. She had three cords, oxygen, pulse ox and iv. She can't stand up, because she has something on each foot. I really believe that she is board and she is tired of sitting on my lap to play and read. Any suggestions out there?

Wanted to thank everyone out there that has used the "Baby Legs". After so many sightings, I got Aubrey a pair for Christmas, grabbed them from under the tree yesterday and have been using them here. They are such a blessing. I just slipped them on over her iv and her pulse ox and haven't had to worry a bit about her messing with anything and they are keeping her legs warm, but allowing everyone to do their job and get at what they need. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. We're big fans of the leggings, of course.
    Tip: Target has women's knee socks on sale right now...cut the feet out and hem the bottom and you'll get lots of leggings for the same price as one pair of Baby Legs.

    Is there a recreational therapist at your hospital? I wasn't sure if you were at a Children's Hospital or not...If so, ask them to bring up a swing or other activity that would allow for her to get some stimulation and safely interact with something that won't interrupt her line feeds.

    And, there's always the bed sheet swing for a little vestibular stimulation treat...:0) Would the physical therapy department have a large ball they could loan you for some bouncing and sitting action? It's probably something she's graduated from in therapy, but maybe it'd be a nice change of pace?

    Is there a sink or disposable bed pan thinger in the room? Could you create a water play area?

    That's all I got. :0) Bless you and Miss BusyBee...Please come home, soon!

  2. Rachel, we did a lot of reading, too. Does Aubrey like to colour yet? That might be an idea to encourage her to scribble. Or maybe work on a few peg puzzles (she can practice her pinser grasp on the pegs). We sang a lot with Gabe. If she likes watching videos, I strongly suggest looking into Siging Time videos. They're quite entertaining, just long enough, and Aubrey can learn some new signs?

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