Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday--Day 6

So overnight, they did have to bump her up a bit. The days are starting to run together, so I don't know how much they bumped her up, but I do know that she hasn't gone over 1 liter since yesterday afternoon!

Dr. Rembecki was here this afternoon and was surprised that she hadn't had more improvement, but is pushing forward. Her fiesty nature is giving everyone a joyful challange! She basically needs to get some coughing to get it broken up and out or laughing or bouncing around and moving a bit more.

So...they have determined what therapies are working the best and we will stick with those, but also added more! But it's ok, cause the new ones are kind of fun. After breathing treatments, they usually do this thing where they thump her on the back and chest. I helps to break up the mucus. I will do that randomly during the day and the therapist will now use a new device that is about as big as a donut and vibrates. It was like a mini massage for Aubrey and surprisingly, she LOVED it.

We have also been granted a portable oxygen tank to take walks. Aubrey either sits on my lap or on the floor to play or in her bed...not a lot of movement which is what she needs to help get her over this. We are allowed to "bounce" up and down through the halls as much as we want. There aren't many patients up by us, so we spent 20 minutes this afternoon walking the halls. It is such a colorful and wonderful pediatric place, I'll have to post some pictures of it sometime.

She has seemed really perky and back to herself today, so I am hopeful that this is a turning point...but we are cautiously taking it one day at a time. We are being patient with the time table that God has set before us with Aubrey. He is ultimately in control and has a plan for us...we are just waiting for it all the unfold.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to help us out again. We are humbled by your willingness to cook and babysit etc. We are taking a lot of things one day at a time, but I know that someone is setting up meals for Woody this week and he is playing it by ear as far as babysitting. Kate, as of bedtime tonight, is still running a 102 fever. We don't want to expose her to anyone elses family. Woody is heading to the pediatritian tomorrow to have her checked.

We will keep you posted on the night and anything new tomorrow. We don't have any idea how long we will be here. They have gotten most of her cultures and labs back and all are negative, so another thing to be grateful for. They are still waiting on a couple. I do know that he won't be in to see her again until tomorrow afternoon, so another late update tomorrow unless something big changes.

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