Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 7 -- One more test

Dr. Rembecki was here at lunch. "She is a tough one, isn't she?" he said with a grin. There has not been much change from Saturday until today as far as lungs go. Her energy is definately back and she seems so happy to get out of this room finally for our little walks. All her tests are done and are negative, so it is just her addiction to this oxygen that is holding her here.

He is going to do one last chest x-ray to be sure that she doesn't have a problem area of mucus in her lungs. He is working on setting us up with home oxygen again, and will release us with frequent office visits, until she is off. For those of you who remember post surgery, we had a GIGANTIC oxygen tank at home and tiny ones for going to office visits. I shuttered to think that would be the case again and he assured me that we would work something else out, since I can't possibly keep her in one room at all times again. He is aiming for tomorrow sometime.

This gives me great hope and joy! God is so good! It will be nice to at least be home under one roof again. Once I know the details I will pass them along. Thankyou for all of your continued help and prayers.



  1. SO happy to hear that Aubrey is doing well, just needing a little "extra air." Hope that you guys get the all-clear to go home soon and can enjoy the Christmas season at home all together. Sending love and hugs from snowy MN!

  2. YEA!!!!!! We're keeping our fingers and toes crossed! :) Have a great night guys, and keep up those sats girly! :)

  3. Rachel, I am so happy for you. Oh to be home for the holidays and under one roof is such amazing news. Glad to her that Aubrey is feeling better. I will keep praying that she get's better and better and doesn't need the oxygen any more. Hugs


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