Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hospital--Day 2

Dr. Walters (pulminologist) was here over lunch and said that she sounded much better than she had yesterday in his office. While we were talking he did a little test and completely turned off her oxygen. She dropped to 85%. The only thing keeping us here is the oxygen. Everything else we could do at home. So we will watch and wait and try to ween her off the oxygen. Hopefully we can get her down tonight and tomorrow, but she will have to spend one night here, monitored, without oxygen, before she can go home. So we are here at least two more nights, but that will depend on when she gets weened, so it could be longer. She had a fairly good night until 12 and then all the excitement of being up in the middle of the night with cool monitors to look at and beeping sounds kept us both up most of the rest of the night. They did finally bump up the oxygen to keep the beeping at bay. The other problem is her iv. They put it in her foot, which had a great vein and we thought that was a great place to keep it away from her mouth and fingers. However, every time she is able to wiggle her toes, she kinks the line and then her alarms go off. I am watching the monitor to try and prevent as much as I can, but it is hard. She is finally sleeping after just a 30 minute nap this morning. I am hoping that she can get a good long nap in here and then go to bed at her regular time and do better tonight. It is hard to entertain her all day. If I leave her to play in the crib, she tangles all her cords and rolls all over and gets all tangled. It is hard to just hold her all we are both tired. This was much easier to handle when she was smaller and not so into moving. Hopefully, I can find some things down in the play room to keep her busy this afternoon. Thank you for all of your prayers. Again we appreciate the support and I will update you as I know more. Rachel


  1. Oh man, we're thinking and praying for you guys! Let us know if there's anything we can do!! Really!! Call me!! :)

  2. Ick...I remember those beepy monitor days and sleepless hospital nights. Poor, poor, skitterbug! I have pictures of LC's late night, "pulse/ox monitor on the toe" light shows. It was her little light saber.

    Thinking of you and hoping Lady A will be home soon, soon, soon. (If any medical professionals enter her room without hands and face covered, you have my personal permission to physically assault them with the proper germ guards.)

  3. Glad to hear she doing better today. Hope you can both find some things to pass the time in hospital and are able to sleep minus all the noise.

  4. Sending lots and lots of well wishes! Get some rest! I had countless stays in the hospital with Gabe that first year and half and it's so hard on one's health.


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