Friday, December 11, 2009

I finally figured out how to get these pictures uploaded! I needed to add some color to my recent posts. Here is our first room. The bed there on the right for me, was like sleeping on the hardwood floors. I spent the second night on the really skinny couch there in the back. I prayed all night not to roll off!
Aubrey wasn't sure what to make of her new bars.
Sporting her "baby legs" and enjoying some time on the floor playing. Her bracellett is called a "HUG". They have had these when my girls were first born. It is an electronic device so that if she gets too close to a certain door, it will lockdown. Same thing with the elevators. It is a safety device they give to really cute kids to keep people from stealing them:) (we did not have one when she had heart surgery and were surprised...the nurse said that usually people steal healthy babies and not ones that just had heart surgery:)

I found the play room and they had her beloved music table. I took the legs off for her and her eyse lit up when she saw it.
So this is me taking a picture in the mirror of me standing by the cribs in this place. I am 5'2" and you can see that the cribs are almost that tall. Very nice for people who are 6'5" (Woody), not so good for the short wife. The sides do go down, but still very hard to get her in and out comfortably. Notice Aubrey watching her numbers on the monitor in the back. She thinks that being able to watch "tv" in bed is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!
Aubrey's "Cow Baby Legs" and her feeble attempt at escape:)
This was her first big smile (Thursday night) since we had gotten here. We were eating dinner. Stroller was the best I could do for a highchair in this place.

Thanks to Courtney for the water play suggestion. Aubrey had a great time and there was water everywhere. Then the nurse told me that the "HUG" bands can't get wet. Whoops! She said that next time she would take it off and extend all of Aubrey's cords so that she could have a real bath or "normal activity".
The staff here is great and as hard as it is to be here, they are making it as easy as they can. And we appreciate that. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and well wishes. We will keep you updated.


  1. Oh, great water-play idea! Wouldn't have thought of that! :) Gotta keep that one in my back pocket. :)

    Love the leggings! Hope you're getting some decent sleep Rachel. You're in our prayers!

  2. The pictures bring me back to many hospital stays. Oh the sleeping arrangements. She is such a cutie and she looks like she is full of life. I love the water idea. Wow. How high tech, I have never heard of those braclets before. Your doctors sound amazing with recommending the acidopholis and bum cream. Sounds like you are in good hands. Praying for good test result. HUGS

  3. Hi Rachel, We have a fold-up travel booster seat with a tray. Would you like to borrow that for meal times? Amber

  4. Oh my goodness! Aubrey is adorable! Your pictures have conjured up all my memories! Gabe loved that Leapfrog table and so did I! And to see those parent beds -- well I spent many many nights on one of those! (Not the same, mind you.) I have to say the leggings are adorable! And the water play ingenius! Oh, and I'm 5' 2" as well! :)


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