Monday, December 14, 2009

The Hospital Lists

(yes we are still here, but working on getting out of here, so I will post about that later)

10 Things we aren't enjoying at the hospital

10)The height of the crib (ok for tall guys--not ok for short mamas)
9)Handicap bathrooms (same as the crib-great for tall people-annoying for short:)
8)Therapists come every three hours--even at night
7)Nurse brings med by the clock, not when it is convienient for the baby (example-not when she is SLEEPING)
6)We might as well be in the Northern Blizzard right now, our room is so COLD at night
5)Food takes 45 minutes to get here and is sometimes a little soggy;(
4)Repeatedly being stuck by needles
3)Taking x-rays
2)Only being able to go about 5 feet from your bed

And the Number 1 thing we aren't enjoying at the hospital:
We are away from Daddy and the Big Girls:(

Top 10 things that we are enjoying about our hospital stay:

10) Someone else gets to change the linens.
9)Someone comes to clean and take out the trash EVERY day!
8)Someone else is making breakfast, lunch and dinner for us AND doing the dishes.
7)The nurses and respiratory therapists are AWSOME and we have actually had some of the same nurses several days in a row as apposed to new people every day. (here she is with the percussor, she likes to help, but it vibrates and they use it on her chest and back to help break up the "goop".

6)The beautifully decorated rooms.

5)We have portable oxygen for walking the halls

4)Our doctor comes to see us early in the day instead of at night.
3)They have a playroom full of all our favorite toys...right across from our room!

2)Aubrey is learning new tricks: She goes from laying down to sitting up in the crib, she is pulling up on the sides for the crib to get onto her knees (so close to getting up on her feet--maybe tomorrow) and today she repeatedly signed "more" and even signed "thankyou" to the therapist this afternoon!
1)Aubrey is getting better and better every day!

Thank you for all of your suggestions, prayers and support. We are just waiting on the doctor and should be out this afternoon. She pulled her oxygen off most of last night and was able to keep up her stats and was off and on this morning, but doesn't need much when she is on, so we are hopeful that there will be just a little more recovery at home.
I'll post later when we get home.

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