Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Doctors Visits

First things first...cute Christmas picture...then the update:)

We have been busy enjoying the holiday (I will post Christmas later) and have been doing the busy holiday things, since I was so behind because of the hospital stay and sick kids...but....the packages are almost all sent (just 2 left to address and tape up) and the Christmas cards are almost all done.

Aubrey went to her 15 month "well child" visit yesterday. She is officially 14lbs 15oz and 26.5inches long. She is following her curve and is proportional, which are the most important things:) We talked about her recent "medical history" and gave the nurse her new list of meds. But it always feels like there isn't much else to say, but keep plugging along and do what you are doing. She looks good.

We explained the crackling of goop that was still there the week before and he confirmed that there is still some noise there, but he didn't really have a base line of goop to compare it too. So I toyed with calling the pulminologist and then decided to let it go.

She got the second H1N1 shot and we were on our way. With the fourth kid, maybe they think that I still have brain cells and remember what to watch for with the shot or the fact that she already had one and did fine. Whatever it was, they didn't tell me what to watch for and we actually could have used that information...

Oh, and Alice had her ears checked and she has an ear infection! So later that afternoon, Alice and I went to run some errands and pick up her new medicine and came home to a big surprise. Aubrey had slept for 4 hours and woke up screaming and with fever. I panicked!!! And mentally I was packing my bags to go back to the hospital. She was 100.5 (.5 below go back to hospital number we were given on discharge) and her breath was fast and she was just laying on Woody's chest with her eyes just glassed over:(

Woody always keeps his calm though and we got her some applesauce and all her meds (including Tylenol) and nebulizer and got her hooked up for the night. And he called our dear pediatrician at home. I am such a nervous nelly now and I kept checking on her every 10 minutes, but she seemed to rebound after the Tylenol and finally settled down to sleep and was fine the rest of the night. The good doctor called this morning during breakfast to check up on her (did we ever mention how much we appreciate him...well we do...he is one of our biggest blessings!).

This afternoon the Pulminologist called to check on Aubrey (did we ever mention how much we like them too:) and it seems that the x-ray that we took last week...showed now improvement over the one we had taken 7 days earlier, right before leaving the hospital:( She is slowly improving, but I think more than anything, they just want to keep a close eye on her to make sure that she is actually going forward and not stalled out in her healing...so we will go in tomorrow for a check up and will probably go for another x-ray. She is doing much better with her oxygen this week, almost never except when sleeping, and even then she isn't needing much to keep her stats up. We are hopeful that that is a sign of improvement and her lungs will sound better and look better too.

We will let you know what we find out tomorrow. Pray for a healthy new year at our house:) We can cram in a few more things in the next two days, but come Friday, I want all healthy reports:)


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  1. Sending lots of well wishes and prayers! I wanted to mention that I too was a very nervous nelly during Gabe's first two years due to numerous UTI infections (grade 5 kidney reflex as well as his heart surgery). I can understand very well how you must feel! You know, I admire that you have more than one child and you and your husband are juggling it all! Not an easy thing to do!

    I hope that 2010 brings much peace, good health and joy!


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