Friday, December 4, 2009


So last week before Thanksgiving, me and all the girls had dentist appointments. I should have had Alice take a shot of me getting my teeth cleaned. Ella has some fear, I don't know why, so she usually has spent the last two of my cleanings laying on top of me, inches from my face, getting a good view of everything:)

In April, she rolled over and let them count her teeth and then they showed her how the tooth cleaner worked on her finger, and she got to touch the rest of the tools. So last week it was her turn to sit in the "big chair" and get them counted and cleaned. Still some fear, so I was not far, but she decided that she was going to be brave, but Aubrey should sit with her and get ready to be brave:) (Ella also thinks that Aubrey has teeth coming, but Laura the hygienist, does not confirm that suspicion!)

So here are Ella and Aubrey getting teeth cleaned and counted. Aubrey wasn't too excited about this, but tolerated it, since it was Ella:)

After you are done "being brave", you get to pick out something from "The Tooth Box". Aubrey loved standing by that thing. Ella picked a ring that says "I LOVE MY DENTIST", but she told Aubrey she couldn't pick anything until she got some teeth to be counted and cleaned!

My life is always an adventure!!! Never dull with these girls!!!

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  1. Oh man, dentist appointments make me shudder. Not for me, but for Liam. He HATES the dentist. The last time I went, Nick and Samantha Cox were with me and they hung around. It really helped. He was still unhappy about the whole thing, but actually didn't scream or have a meltdown! I was SO grateful to have them there! It's amazing how calming other kids can be for each other! :)


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