Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hospital-Day 3

So...there is so little to update people on, but want to let you know what little is going on.
She was on 2 liters of oxygen yesterday, but we got her down to .2 overnight. We were hoping to get her off of it today and then have a monitored (no oxygen)night to be able to go home tomorrow. However, we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to get her off and she has required a little more while sleeping. So we will continued to try and wean her.

She has been moved to a different room, just down the hall. She has a new pulse oxy monitor that is soooooooooooo sensative to her movements that she is all over the board and hard to have a good read, meaning that it keeps beeping because it thinks her stats are dropping. So that will be a little frustrating tonight. It is also not hooked up to the nursing station, so anytime she dips and needs adjusting, I will have to call to the nurses to come down. I am hoping to work some magic today and get her off the oxygen tonight.

"Super Dad" has been holding down the fort at home with the girls and stopped by today, so I could go home for a bit and take a shower. He is awsome and I am so thankful to have such a good hubby to take care of my other girls.

Kate is now running a fever and Alice and Ella are under the weather as well, so we are all looking forward to a restful weekend of healing.

We will let you know as we know more...

Thank you for your continued prayers. Pray for her to continue gaining "lung strength" so that she can be taken off the oxygen and head home.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear Aubrey is in the hospital. I'll keep Aubrey in my prayers and I sure hope she can get off that oxygen so you can both go home and get some rest!

  2. Oh my gosh!! When it rains it pours. :( I hope all the kiddos feel better soon!! (Hugs)


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