Saturday, December 12, 2009

Arts and Crafts with Stephanie

This morning I noticed that her cheek was getting irritated by her oxygen tubing. So this afternoon, her and her nurse Stephanie had "Arts and Crafts" time. They wrapped guaze around the tubing and then taped the tubing on. This worked wonderfully and she is much happier now.

The only bad part is that the tape is actually on her hair! I wasn't watching when we put it on and so we weren't careful. I may let the nurses be he bad guys and pull that off when the time comes. I am really tired of being the bad guy and helping to hold her down etc.

Tonight at dinner, her numbers were almost near 100% and so Stephanie lowered it, and lowered it, and lowered it and even turned it off for 20 minutes, but Aubrey started dipping when she got tired, so they set it at .1! Which is like nothing, but Aubrey, our little addict, just has to have something. I am guessing that they will bump it up a little more as the night goes on since she gets into such a deep sleep sometimes, but we shall see. I am not being too hopeful, as we have been down this road before with her.

I have had lots of comments about the Baby Legs. Here is the actual website: I got the pink ones for $4 on ebay (including shipping) but splurged for $7 at Target to get the cow ones. If you are crafty, and have the time, you can buy ladies knee high socks, cut the toes off and hem them to make them even cheaper. I just didn't have the time and thought that these were good deals. I didn't know that they would get so much use though already and am wishing that I had more right now.

Woody has been just the best. He is tackling day to day life with the big girls and also doing laundry and carting it back and forth to me and Aubrey. He is so wonderful. When she was in the hospital for surgery, I was still pumping, so we took turns each night. That gave us each a break from each situation and time to refresh with the other kid (s). So this has been a little harder on us in that aspect. And it is hard to get on the same page, when Woody and I don't get to see each other either.

We got a professional sitter for Aubrey tomorrow night (thank you Christy - who volunteers to sit with babies at the children's hospital on Wednesdays). That way I can go home and be with Woody for a bit and tuck my other kids in and grab what I need for the next couple days. Woody will have a little help tomorrow, so that he can go to the grocery store and restock by himself.

We appreciate all the prayer and love and support that we have been given from both those that are far and near. It makes all the difference to know that we aren't in it alone. Of course we are never alone. Our Lord is always near and that is the ultimate comfort, but it is nice to have physical help too! May the Lord continue to give the doctors guidance, the nurses skill and Aubrey healing.


  1. What a sweetheart! I love the picture! I would say... just cut the hairs! I know exactly what you mean by feeling like the bad guy... no fun. That's awesome you get an evening to get away and organized. More prayers going out for Aubrey and your family.

  2. Oh her poor face and HAIR. Ask if they have douederm tape. Sorry the spelling is wrong. It is a brown breathable tape that they put on the skin first and then tape the tube to it. It peals of nicely and doesn't do the damage that the tegaderm or clear tape does. Hoping the night goes well. Glad you are able to get a break. My husband and I used to switch off to. It really is the only way to do it all. Sending you hugs and prayers

  3. I think the gauze idea is so smart! Ask the nurses if they have those little packets of goop that will remove sticky bandaid residue. I apologize for not remembering the name of this substance but it was given to us to help remove bandaid residue from Gabriel's cheeks and IV areas when he was hospitalized. It truly worked wonders and if it can be used on skin, I'm sure it would work on Aubrey's hair.

  4. Call me anytime...LOVED snuggling with that cutie!!! She is so precious and we're praying for her continued healing. CALL ME, the professional!! Ha ha. :) What better job could a person have?!? :) Especially when I have Aubrey in my arms. :)


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