Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

A happy and healthy new year to everyone!

This is my favorite part of the day and a good look for the new year. I love these days when Aubrey gets a morning bath and she is all clean and fresh. No crusty or sticky anything, neatly combed hair, no sticky tabs or tab residue on her face or legs and NO CORDS. Warm fuzzy jammies and all day to play! It is a good thing! (And then we hook her up again:( And we hope that this will be what we see mostly in 2010! It is the blank slate of a new year, a fresh start.

We are still working on healthy...Aubrey's fever finally broke last night, so we have avoided the call to Dr. Rembecki's today at least and further testing. She is still pretty under the weather, but at least with the fever gone, she has a little more energy and is eating a bit more.
Kate and Alice got to stay up last night to ring in the new year (at 11:00--we watch it in New York). They crafted for a couple hours, thank you Auntie Sarah and Uncle Buddy, Livy, Carley and Lucas, for all the crafting supplies! After which they cozied up together in the Lazy Boy to listen to the bands play and then the ball drop. They were a little disappointed that what they saw was it!
We are enjoying a relaxing jammie day and working on the 750 piece puzzle that Kate got from my Dad. We are thankful that Aubrey is not into crawling yet, so that we can leave it out on our coffee table until it is done.
One last relaxing day of vacation before the rat race of school and appointments and errands begin next week!


  1. Oh, Aubrey looks so fresh and cute and sweet and adorable! Gabe had the same Leap Frog table and we LOVED it!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. So glad to see she's doing better. Sure have been praying ande thinking of you guys!

  3. Just had to say... I think your little Aubrey is about the cutest little girl I have EVER seen! Glad she's feeling better! Here's to good thoughts for an easy 2010!


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