Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Play Food

Mommy let me have the whole box of food!
And guess what...I dumped the whole thing over!
Can you believe it! I just love all this food!
Oh, this carrot is sooooooooo good!
Something doesn't taste quite right with this carrot, Mom.
Wait a minute...is this FAKE!
Did you give me FAKE carrots!
I want the real deal, lady!


  1. Very cute pics:) I love the video of Aubrey on her swing. What a contagious smile and giggle! Precious:)

  2. What's Up, Doc? You're the sweetest little carrot muncher I know, Aub. Silly mom.

  3. Love that squishy, scrunchy face smile! Hope all those veggies are keeping you ship shape, Aubrey girl. Love you!

  4. Looks like you got jipped!

    I used to try and feed my fake food to the dogs. It didn't work for them, either! :)


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