Monday, January 18, 2010

The Weekend

As always it was busy around here. I despise that kids don't know the rule about Saturday mornings:( Especially since I know that someday, I will have to finally drag them out of bed around noon for lunch:)

We are working on Aubrey's room and hopefully it will get finished up this week and I can post her new room for all of you, but remodels with busy schedules and 4 kids, just take longer than expected:)

She is doing amazingly well and we would say that she is fine. But...until we get a clear x-ray, we still need to treat her sickly. It is hard, but we know that she doesn't follow rules and doesn't really act sick until the situation is dire, so we go with it. She mostly stays home and we have even been going to Wednesday night church to keep her germ free. (we broke the rule on Sunday:) I think that challenge will be understanding when she really is sick, since she never acts sick. But we are learning.

She is doing so well with the straw. I have been looking to get her a shorter straw cup and one with handles so that she can do it herself, but haven't been able to find one. If anyone knows of one out there, let us know.

Aubrey is working so hard on crawling on all fours, though she does a lot of sit scooting and found her self all the way across the playroom Sunday to catch up on her football. Apparently she was so upset about the how her beloved Cowboys were playing that she had to get right up in Farve's face about it! (congratulations Hollander fans...we'll root with you next week!)

After the game, we headed to down town Dallas' Old Red Museum for the wedding of a wonderful church family friend. Yes we took this picture this yesterday and yes they are wearing Easter (sleeveless) dresses and sandals. It was a lovely 60 degrees and they NEEDED to have wedding dresses! How could I say no. For them it is all about the "twirl" factor and how it will "dance" for them later in the evening:)
Aubrey couldn't believe that we had taken her out of the house and she was allowed to see other people. We only let one person hold her and all others kept their hands off. It was so nice to go out and feel normal this weekend.
I, however, did not feel the need to dress for the summer...but had stroller and bags full of nebulizers and medicine and snacks and anything else we thought we might need for Miss Aubrey. We may have gone out, but there is no breaking the rules about treatments...not even for a wedding.
After a beautiful ceremony, it was a night full of fancy appetizers and food.
I didn't realize when we picked our table to sit down, that we would get to sit by these
very, very yummy cakes...
and the Candy Buffet!
I love when you are 7 and you can make instant friends who will dance with you.
I love that Kate and Ella had too much fun at the first wedding that we've ever really stayed late. We had to drag Ella kicking and screaming away from the dance floor. She would have stayed til the very end.
It was a good weekend. We enjoyed the ability to sleep in just a bit this morning since the girls had the day off, but got the bad news this morning that the three big girls have strep throat! It is just never ending here! So Aubrey was stuck back into a bubble and there is a NO TOUCHING HER UNLESS THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE rule here. I think that was clear enough for everyone. LOL:)

We are still hoping for a healthy new year...but being patient that it will come in God's time not ours and thankful that at least Aubrey is not "sick" since that is harder to handle than just dosing some medicine for the big girls.

Here's hoping the spring comes quickly this year!


  1. I'm glad you guys got to have a fun weekend! :)

  2. So excited to see that the Vikings performance was motivation to make Aubrey MOVE ACROSS THE WHOLE ROOM! We do what we can, Aubrey babe! Thanks also for the good wishes. We've been routin' for the Cowboys for the last couple of weeks, but were of course true to our colors yesterday. Skol Vikings!


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