Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catching Up

I know that I am a little behind on things. The sleepless nights between sick kids finally caught up with me and I am just now getting over the hump with a terrible cold. By over the hump, I mean, I actually got out of my jammies today! So here is an update and Christmas recap.

The pulminologist called yesterday to confirm that her tests had come back with a bacteria and that we should continue the antibiotics and come in next week and they would do a check on her when they do her monthly synagis shot.

She is off of oxygen during the day and only needs a small bit at night. She seems to be doing better there, but now she has my terrible cough, so her appetite has decreased and her snot has increased. She took a four hour nap today which was nice, so I hope that it helps her get over this. It is getting old, doing all the nebulizer treatments and meds and I just want life to be back to "normal":) Soon...we hope...soon!

Looking back for some pictures to post, I realized that we really didn't take many of her. I had forgotten that she took a 4 hour nap and opened presents by herself that night and we just didn't get the camera out! I have a couple though.
I finally gave in and let Aubrey have a cut out cookie (in the spirit of the season and all--can't justify letting her have sweats if she doesn't hardly eat enough of the good stuff, but it was Christmas:)
"I can't believe this is real! She gave me a cookie!"
"I think I LOVE these things!"
And she proved to us, and her speech teacher, that she could indeed bite food, pull it away to chew and then take another bite...that food just had to be a cookie!
She also got a spoon, fork, plate, cup set for Christmas and showed us how she would use her table manners and that she was ready to feed herself.
Heading to Christmas Eve Services
The whole family by the church tree on Christmas morning
Aubrey is working on her new musical skills

Aubrey got a new book called Waddle, where you turn the pages and it looks like the objects are moving. She kept opening and closing the book and watching them move. She was really into it!

This is the field across from our house. It is pretty frequent for us to see hot air balloons out there, but not usually during the winter! He must have gone almost right over our house, because he a lot closer before we got the camera out.
This is my sick Aubrey watching TV with Ella while I showered:( You know she isn't feeling well, when she just lays on the floor at 8:00 in the morning.
Not enough energy to even lift her head to watch, but just enough to get a couple fingers on that shovel to claim it as hers and not Ella's!


  1. Awe, these are great pics. Love the Christmas Eve one. So cute! :) And the cookie pic...too funny! :)

  2. I love the picture of the four girls in their dresses! That is the most beautiful picture! Get well soon! I hope the antibiotics do their job for Aubrey!

  3. The pic of the girls under the tree is beautiful! Great one!


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