Thursday, January 21, 2010

Therapy Updates

It has been a productive week of therapy for Aubrey.

Tuesday, Miss Elizabeth was here for developmental therapy. We have been seeing her almost every week, since we had sick makeup days and I can see that it is really benefiting Aubrey and keeps me and dad on task with what we should be working on daily.

Crawling: She still prefers to scoot on her tush, but we made some good progress the other day. If I hold on to her toes as a reminder, she actually "crawled" about a foot. That may not seem like very far, but it is HUGE for her. I think that when she pulls her knees forward to crawl, she just doesn't know how far to pull them forward and ends up sitting. Hopefully we will have more progress this week. We stack blocks in front of her so that she can crawl and knock them over. It keeps her motivated to go forward and she gets a big reward in the end.

Stacking: Every once in awhile I flip through the developmental list to see what things she hasn't mastered that she might be able to given the opportunity. Stacking blocks is one of those things. We have the "Peek-a-boo" blocks on her shelf and she loves them and we have been using those for her crawling, but she just couldn't get one hand on them and she didn't want to use too, so this has been frustrating. She just ended up shoving them around.

What she needed was blocks that were just a tiny bit smaller to have success. I didn't want to buy any, so avoided that skill. Then when we were upstairs this weekend, she had the wooden alphabet blocks out and was having success picking them up. They are the same size, but not as slippery, I guess. So of course, when the teacher came, she stacked up two blocks no problem!

Miss Suzannah was also here on Tuesday, our nutritionist. With Aubrey being sick this last month, I was curious to see where she weighed in. She is finally over the hump...15lbs. 3oz.!!!! A 4oz gain. She is still 26.5inches, no growth there. But her head grew! I guess she got smarter you could say! Still looking good they said. She was happy with that, all things considered. No real changes were made. Still taking a multivitamin, vitamin C, acidophiles, fish oils and eating lots of yummy food! We are going to try milk this week in her straw cup. She has only had water to this point.

Miss Melissa, speech, was here for lunch today and was over the top about the straw! We are still working on self feeding without shoving everything in. Aubrey has taken a real liking to lunch meat turkey, so we are going to try rolling it up and getting her to bite and pull away. She does really well if I hold the food, so that is some progress.

Everyone is still feeling (dare I say it...) healthy again. It could be the wonderfully warm days that we have been having and the open windows to air out the germs. I'm just glad to see us finally getting up and over all this stuff. Aubrey and I are going to head to Michigan next month to welcome a new cousin to the family and are hoping to stay healthy up until that trip as well as on the airplane and back again.

I am looking for suggestions about taking meds etc on the plane. Last time she was only on one med, but this time, she has quite a few that we will need to take and I will be by myself and trying not to check a bag. Am I allowed more than one liquid zippy bag? Do I need a doctors note of any kind? Anyone with experience, let me know.


  1. With Declan, we had all kinds of crazy cords (G tube, central line) and meds when we moved to CA in 2007. We were flagged at the airport (when I checked in I told the check-in lady about him) and they patted us both down (it was pretty funny seeing a baby being "patted down"). :) They were really great about it at the airport. Hardly touched him being a cancer patient. LOL. It just took a lot longer than the regular person would. Bring prescriptions with a doctor's note...I think it was required then and I don't think security has gotten any lighter. As long as they see it's an Rx, you're okay.

    If in the airline. :)

  2. Look online at your specific airline and they will have a link that will take you to all the security rules/restictions.
    Looks like a productive and busy week. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Enjoy the trip to MI. We are about 10min from the state line and boy it sure has been cold!


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