Saturday, January 23, 2010

Princess Aubrey :)

Our friend Piper, of Aimee's Bowl of Cherries, bestowed on us the
Princess Award!
Here is what all princesses do: they read!
(and they answer questions about reading and stuff:)
1. Name an author you love.
Rufus Butler Seder--He has wonderful scanimation picture books. I got one for Christmas.
Everything looks like it is moving in the book. My favorite page is the one with the penguin.
2. Name an author who highlights your personality.
Judy Schachner, author of the Skippyjon Jones books. He is a little fuzzball of a cat, that thinks he is hot stuff! He always triumphs in the end! He is El Skippito, the Great Sword Fighter!

3. Name some books you love.
I just love the one about the mermaid and the one about the lion.
I just love ANY touchy-feely book!
She has such wonderful black and white pictures, that capture the world and things around us. Aubrey just loves looking at "people" and these are the best.

4. Something that always excites you...
My Swing!
5. Something you hate...
Being sick and taking treatments.
I do them and mostly willingly, but I certainly don't like them:(
And now, we bestow the Princess Award on
Simply copy the award and answer the questions.
We can't wait to learn about what other princesses are reading in their castles!

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  1. What a beautiful family and I loved reading your blog!


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