Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby It's COLD Outside!!!

Dallas isn't necessarily warm during the winter, but it is not usually so bitter cold. We have been under freezing now for almost 3 days. I know that it is colder and for longer in many other places, BUT we aren't used to it and it adds so much to my already busy schedule to have to bundle everyone up to leave the house, then put mittens back on because she took them off, and warm up the car and then try and get their big coats stuffed into their seatbelts. Then when you get to your destination, you have to put everyone's hats and mittens back on to walk into the place you are going and then strip them down cause the doctor's office is HOT and then lug it all around for your appointment, which lasted all of 5 minutes and then start all over again to go out to the car...

I was exhausted and we had only gone one place. I am now thankful for the weather that we frequently have and will gladly simpythize with others who are cold and lugging kids around in that weather. Feel free to call and we can complain together:)

Alice and Kate bundled up and heading off to school. When they left the wind chill was at ZERO!
This was the reading on my car at 11:00am when I left for the doctor's office. I did consult my "parent handbook" (you know, the one they give you when you have a baby:) and no where does it say, take your very sick child out in weather that is like this!
Aubrey was less than thrilled to be stuffed into a snowsuit and into her carseat to go.
And she screamed when I pulled the cover over her to protect her from the wind. It is a good thing that you can't hear pictures:)
Ella was actually excited to put everything on for a picture, but she is the one that kept taking things off, that I had to put back on so we could go.
I mean, if it is going to be this cold, we should have snow to go with it to make it pretty out at least...right? We are hoping for a warmer week to come:)


  1. This weather is pretty crazy. :)

  2. Brrr!!! (Insert Noah signing "cold" here....) I just went out to get the mail and run something to the neigbor's, and it's -2 temp, -12 windchill! While I know the bundling up and lugging is no fun (believe me, I know...) take comfort in that (hopefully) it'll be short-lived and you will soon be able to drive with your windows down! We've got quite a ways before we get there in MN! Maybe I should take a trip to TX to thaw out a little....let me know when it's warmer! : )

  3. AMEN, Sister. Can I even EXPRESS to you the blinding rage that ensues when I'm forced to struggle with snowsuits and carseats. Curse you, freezing temperatures. CURSE YOU.


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