Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Hunter

(remember that she is stuffy and still has a runny nose:)

Ella "Mommy...I'm a unter".
Me "A what?"
Ella "A unter."
Me "Oh, a hunter!"
Ella "Yeah".
Ella "I'm hunting bugs and bettles outside.
And then I'm gonna squish 'em.
Have a good day, Mom."
Don't you just love three year olds! It is these moments that far outweigh and make up for all those "not-so-nice" moments!


  1. Cutest 'unter ever! Hugs and kisses to my sweet (and snotty!) Goddaughter! : )

  2. LOL! I just cannot imagine your huntress out there in her beautiful pink dress squishing bugs and beetles! Too cute!


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