Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Day!

Hey guys! Do you notice anything? See my face? I don't have dots! That's right...NO OXYGEN! Also means that we are wearing real pants and not battling oxygen and the pulse/ox cord! Happy Girl!

Let me start from where we left off. She had gotten the antibiotic shot on Wednesday and was feeling much better and then got it again on Thursday and Friday. She showed minimal improvement those days, but I think that the combination of everything came together on Saturday. We always put her to bed with oxygen and then wait for her monitor to beep telling us that she has taken it off and her stats are falling. I waited and waited and waited and then finally went to check on her and she was hovering between 98 and 100...and the oxygen was off her nose! We left it and continued waiting and she slept all night! I didn't want to mention it because she often goes back and forth. And that was the end of it for her. She has slept 3 night in a row with out oxygen. We keep a tube of it as blow by in the crib just to keep giving her some extra support, but she is doing it all on her own. We are still monitoring her at night to be sure, but are so happy with her progress.

Monday they did a repeat x-ray. I usually go alone, but Ella happened to be with and had a million questions. They didn't use the tube, but just set her on the table and had a hook that holds the film, so I just held her arms up and played "SO BIG" and they took it. She didn't cry at all and was wonderful. Ella wanted a turn too, so she climbed up and got all set and I took her "picture" too!
This morning when we went to the Pulminologist's for her synagis shot, they told us that the x-ray looked much better. They cautioned that it wasn't clear and we shouldn't let up on anything, until she got a clear one which they will do in a month if she stays healthy:) We are allowed to gradually back down from 5 treatments a day to 3. She is still not over the 15lb mark, but in a way that is a good thing. The shots are measured by her weight. Once she hits 15, they will have to do two of them! So I am no longer hurrying Aubrey...I think she has been through enough to not have to add a shot anytime soon!

In other news, Saturday, we discovered that Aubrey got her FIRST TOOTH! Bottom, left in the front! It is just a tiny poke, but it is there and through! Today, I let her have a drink of water from my glass and I could hear the little "chink" that her tooth made. It was like beautiful music!

We also had therapy yesterday. I will be the first to admit that we haven't done much work on anything since she was sick, so I was curious to see how she would do with Nicole from OT. (Aubrey typically cries, because she doesn't like "hands and knees work".) She had a few fits in the beginning, but once I got a bribery snack out and Ella came to help, she did great. Ella sat on one side of the rug and put up block towers for her and we helped Aubrey crawl over and knock it down. I found that if I hold her feet, so she can't pull them forward to sit back, that worked well and I did the knees for her and she moved her arms about 4 times. This may seem little, but is huge improvement for her. I even got her to do it a couple times today.

Good days...very good days!


  1. Yeah!! So glad to hear that things are well!

    And...I'm totally impressed with the picture of Aubrey standing against the window!! WTG! :)

  2. Oh just a super wonderful update!!!

    When I see pictures of Aubrey, I just feel so overjoyed for you all!

  3. WOW!! How AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for you guys!! WTG Aubrey (and Ella too)!!!

  4. Oh, that picture was GREAT to see! I'm so dreading a toobied Jace, I can't even tell you. Aubrey looks like she's perked up, too! (Shhh...don't tell her I said that. She'll be back on that toobie just to spite me.)

  5. Missed that she was sick. I have to cathc up. However glad to hear that she is doing well and feeling better.


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