Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Fun

I keep thinking that not much has happened that I can share and then I download the camera and find all kinds of pictures and things to share. It happened to be just a relaxing, work around the house sort of weekend, but Aubrey was busy "helping" and doing fun things.

She is three weeks without the oxygen and we go to the pulminologist on Tuesday and will see what he says, but she seems good! Though this weekend she seems to be a little congested, so we are continuing our isolation. It seems to be working, but it is not a lot of fun:(

Ella and Aubrey were helping me with the laundry. Ella likes to sit under the baskets and Aubrey (all by herself) tipped one over and crawled in too!
Aubrey is getting much better at the straw. We have been giving her some smoothies, which she loves. But once she has some, that is it for the meal, because all she wants is the smoothie!
We have a lot of pictures on the fridge down low and she scooted over there yesterday to have a look and had a lot to say to all the people on the bottom:) This is her talking to Papa Olson, my dad. She had quite the conversation and then proceeded to take people off so that she could really talk to them. It was fun to see and reminds me that we should print off a lot more to stick up there for her to see.
It is a busy week of therapy and appointments and preparations. Woody is going to see his dad and his mom is coming here for a girls weekend. It should be fun and we will have lots to share.

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  1. LOVE the new header and background! SO cute. Those Smith girls make me smile!


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