Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Prayers for Jace Today

We humble ask our family and friends who read this blog, to take some time today and pray for our buddy Jace. This morning he is having his tiny heart repaired. (he has the same defect that Aubrey had repaired last January--same one his sister LC had repaired last year too).

We ask that the Lord guide the hands of the surgical team, that they may carefully and swiftly repair his heart. And that Jace quickly recover so that he and his parents may return home soon to be a family.

May the Lord give his parents strength as they entrust him to the care of his doctors and begin the long wait for updates. May they continue to stay strong in the days ahead as Jace recovers from his surgery.

(Prayers for the Auntie who is taking care of big sister at home:)

Courtney and Justin have said that they will do updates on their blog today if they have internet and are able to do so. You can click on the picture of Jace in my sidebar and that will take you directly to their site.

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  1. oh, my goodness...thanks, rachel!! we so appreciate your friendship AND prayers...and LOVE the pretty new look of the blog with your four little flowers at the top!


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