Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aubrey's update

Today the nutritionist was here for her monthly check.

Aubrey weighed 16lbs 3oz (a 1 lbs GAIN--this mostly due to the fact hat in December she had only gained an ounce or so and only 4 ounces last month because she had been sick)

She grew 1/2 inch and her head grew. (getting smart:)

She is the picture of health! Our once concern is that she is not into dairy/calcium. So when I stop nursing her she will not have any calcium in her diet. We have tried milk in her straw cup and she actually spits it out. We offer her cheese and she rejects it. She will eat milk and cheese if they are IN a dish like soup though. The only dairy she likes is yogurt. So we are going to start offering her yogurt everyday and then try to offer her some milk that has been warmed up a bit. She loves smoothies, so we will offer those but really milk them down over time so that she is mostly getting just milk.

More trial and error, but a really good report for Miss Aubrey. She also assured me that Aubrey would not be going to Kindergarten in her rear facing infant seat and thinks she should get to turn around by her second birthday!

We discovered a new tooth this past weekend. I don't make it a habit to put my fingers in her mouth to avoid possible germ spreading and to prevent the girls from doing it, so sometimes her teeth come as a surprise. Her first tooth is on the bottom right in the front. Her second tooth is on the upper right, in the BACK. You got it, she has a molar coming in! Can you believe it! No wonder she was out of sorts last week. What a funny adventure teeth have become. Can't wait to see where the next one pops through:)

Aubrey has this new face that she makes every time I get the camera out now.
What a silly girl...just like her sisters!


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  1. Ha ha, Liam did the same thing to the camera for a while. :) She's still cute as a button!! :) Yay Aubrey on her growth! Woo hoo!!


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