Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So we had her synagis appointment yesterday and she finally tipped the scale and was over 7 kilograms (somewhere over 15lbs) so they had to use two shots instead of just one. She was NOT happy. But she looks great and sounded even better, so we just have a chest x-ray today to be sure that her lungs are totally clear and then we can start weaning some of her nebulizers, as long as she remains healthy too.

"Keep doing what you are doing." What we are doing is isolating her from most everything. It is giving me cabin fever, but we are doing our best. I sanitize her stroller frequently and when we do go somewhere, she can only ride in that or her car seat, to avoid germs and not letting anyone touch her. We can't wait for the spring to come...

Her last approved shot was yesterday. They feel like she needs at least two more, so THEY will begin calling the insurance to get that approved for March and April. We are hoping that they will do that for us, otherwise, Aubrey might not be allowed out of her crib til the spring:)

Her therapy teacher was here Monday and after about 10 minutes, we started working on her crawling. She spent the next 20 minutes screaming at the top of her lungs! So the teacher finally left. She did say that she felt like Aubrey COULD do the crawling, but is choosing not to, especially since she is better at the scooting now. We might just lay off of it for awhile and work on other things during therapy and we would just work on the crawling thing ourselves. We will see how she does on Friday with her other teacher.

New nephew Jacob is doing wonderful at home. Got some pictures this weekend. Pretty cute if I do say so myself:) Me and Aubrey can't wait to get our hands on him in two weeks!


  1. :( Shots are no fun. Poor girl. :(

  2. I just saw the video! :) Super cute Rachel! Looks like you guys had a fun, busy weekend!!! :) Thanks for letting the boys come over after all that - you must be exhausted!!

  3. Oh I love your blog header. The pictures of Aubrey are adorable!

    I remember Gabriel crying during PT and it was heartbreaking to say the least. Aubrey sounds very determined which will probably work in her own favor when she is ready to crawl. :)


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