Monday, February 15, 2010


So it snowed in Texas...again. Last Thursday morning we awoke to a couple inches on the ground. Kate, Ella, Aubrey and me had a quick breakfast and then bundled up for a trip out to play.

Let's just say, Aubrey was less than excited to bundle up and even less excited to be in the snow.
Kate was super excited. The snowflakes were GIANT.
Ella did a lot of TASTING!

I was having troubles taking pictures and holding Aubrey (who was not thrilled) so I put her in the stroller...still not happy...but content to watch.
There were snow angels.

And then we went around see if the snow was different up there:) Aubrey had to sit by the front door (a little happier, because the snow wasn't landing on her face) so that I could help with a snow man. My kids didn't know how to roll the snow to make a snow ball...Southerners!

Woody came home and there were snowball fights. He also built a little slide for the kids.

Friday, was a snow day for the kids and no work for Woody, so they played. They worked all morning on a SNOW FORT (we have a 75 acre field across the street). It was awesome! And they played all day.

Saturday brought warm temperatures and the melting of the snow. The fort and the slide are just about the only things still up in the neighborhood and they don't look like much any more, but the kids are so proud that there is still a little bit of the masterpiece left:)


  1. WOAH!!!! That snow fort is HUGE!!!!!!

  2. I think our snow fort is officially beat. Great job guys!

  3. Such a treat to get snow in Texas! Love the pictures. SO impressed with the snow fort! I think it's tall enough to fit Woody! And now that you got a couple of fun days in the sun, you can go back to sleeveless dresses and bare feet.....(can you hear my sigh all the way from MN?!?)


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