Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Sweetest Thing...

When you have multiple children, you always wonder, "when will they be friends...when will they actually play together." It has happened for me when the "baby" is about 18 months old. The baby can actually communicate enough to play with the older sibling and they actually enjoy each other.

Alice and Kate are the best of friends. They play together really well. Ella plays with them too, but it isn't quite the same yet. From day one, Ella has been in love with Aubrey and about a year ago, Aubrey took a very wonderful liking to Ella. They just love each other sooooooo much. You can see it and Aubrey's whole face lights up when she see's Ella. I don't even envoke that kind of love and smiles from her:( I was so glad that the two big ones would have each other and the two little ones would have each other, but I wondered...when would they be friends? Would it take a lot longer? Would Aubrey have to talk, walk, crawl or something before they would be able to really enjoy each other? WHEN would THEY get to be the FRIENDS that I knew they would be someday?


I was ironing my pants in the back room and Ella and Aubrey were in the playroom and I overheard Ella...

"Aubrey? Aubrey! Come on...let's play!"

It just melted my heart. I almost cried actually! They were friends....

Ella got them all set up with "here are my people and these are yours and don't touch my guys!...ok?:)"

It was the sweetest thing ever...when sisters become friends!


  1. Oh my goodness- could they BE any cuter?

    If we could all be that lucky!

  2. I worried the same thing with Brooke and Lindsey. That was one of the reasons I had them spaced less than 2 years apart. I am starting to see Brooke trying to play and help Lindsey. I just melts your heart. Love the Valenitne pictures, they are so cute together.

  3. sweet. Makes me sorta wish Lily had a sibling that wasn't 13 years older than


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