Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is going on at our house...

The BIG news at our house this week is that we have a NEW COUSIN! My sister had her fourth yesterday and it was a boy!
Jacob Douglas Lamborne,
born on February 3rd, 2010 at 4:43pm.
7lbs. 10oz. and 19.5 inches long
He is welcomed by parents Sarah and Jeff Lamborne,
big sisters Livy and Carley and big brother Lucas.
Everyone is healthy and ready to come home tomorrow.
(I am so hoping for some cute pictures soon...hint hint grandma:)

Our little buddy Jace is doing wonderful. In case you didn't check his blog, his surgery went really well and he was already off of the ventilator yesterday already (it took Aubrey 5 or 6 DAYS to get off)! Today, he got to eat and play! He looks so wonderful, and I'm sure will be heading home soon. He does have some "stuff" in his lungs that he was coughing out today (yes, it does hurt to cough after you have open heart surgery--so he was grumpy). Please pray that this won't set his recovery back and that he will continue to move forward and be home soon.

Another little friend, Piper is having surgery on Friday to remove her gall stones. She reminds me a bit of Aubrey in so many ways. She is just an itty bitty thing at 8 months old, just 10lbs! Anyway, she could use some prayers tomorrow for her lunch time surgery. So as you sit down to thank the Lord for the food that he has placed before you at lunch, also thank him for the skilled doctors who will be taking care of Piper tomorrow. May the surgery and recovery be swift and take care of the problems that she has been facing.

Aubrey has had a funky week of not napping well and not going to bed well. We are trying to decide if she might possibly be getting another tooth or if she is just off schedule (we have been busy:) Daddy left today to go see his parents in Ohio, but is putting Grandma on the plane in the morning so she can come here. We have a fun filled weekend planned and will have lots of wonderful photos to share in the end, I'm sure.


  1. Aw, thanks, guys!

    Sounds like you are all really busy! Hope you have a super fun weekend with grandma-- those are the best kinds! I'm sure she can't wait to get her hands on all you cutie girls!

  2. Prayers going up for sweet Piper girl, along with buddies Jace and Aubrey (just for good measure- no getting sick, Baby girl! You have a big weekend!) Can't wait to see pics of Jacob when those make their way to the Smiths. Have a great weekend with Grandma Smith!


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