Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Disney Hats

I have had a lot of questions and comments about the hats the girls were wearing in the video montage and the pictures that I posted last week.

To answer everyone:

1. Yes, I made the hats for the girls.
2. Yes, I will make some for your kids too!

I actually have made 12 now! I did them as Christmas gifts for some family that went to Disney and some friends whom we have gone with. We are "Disney People"! My husband grew up near Disney World and me and the girls have fallen in love with the place. (can you blame us!)

I have been thinking long and hard since Christmas about selling them on Etsy and have finally opened up a shop to do so. It can be found here:
I am working on other things that I will be adding to my shop this week. So if you are interested in a hat for your little guy or girl, or know someone who would, visit my shop and let me know. I would be thrilled to make one for them.

Have a Magical Day!
Rachel--The Umbrella Girl

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  1. Those are adorable hats! Liam's head is way too huge for a child hat size. He wears adult hats if you believe that one. But that's a great idea selling them on Etsy!!


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