Sunday, October 28, 2012

Therapy: Siblings

I never really believed in all that birth order mumbo jumbo.  I do however feel that each of our children was born to us at just the right time, to fill a certain roll, and to play a certain part in our family.
 Aubrey is #4.  I think that it is a great blessing for her to be #4.  She has 3 big sisters to keep up with all the time.  And whatever they are doing, she is sure to be trying to do it too.  Girl is motivated and determined and I think that THAT is better than any therapy we could pay for...though technically we pay for her older sisters, so I guess we do pay for this wonderful therapy.  (and we payed a lot for the new pool therapy she will be getting next summer:)
 She isn't afraid to try new things and there are rarely tears over trying new things anymore.  I'm so proud of the practice that she does on her own to get better at these task.  She willingly accepts help to be shown how to do something and then with practice...she tackles these challenges.
 And once she has it mastered, LOOK OUT, cause Sister is coming and she won't let anyone stand in her way!
And staying ahead of #5 is hard work too, but she does that too!

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